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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get added to your Cash Buyers list?

You can call or email and provide your name, telephone, and email address. Also let us know what specific market lists you would like to be added to. If you want to be added to all of our listings, just tell us “Nationwide.”

How can I attend a walk through for one of your properties?

Contact us right away at to check availability and date. Due to Covid-19, we are limited in the number of investors we can send to a walk through. Attendees will be selected on a “first come, first serve” basis among qualified buyers to ensure fairness.

How do I become a strong candidate for one of your properties?

The strongest candidates are those we consider a “qualified buyer.” To become a “qualified buyer,” schedule a call with Carlo San Diego at so that he can learn about you and your business. Your real estate experience and portfolio will determine if you are a qualified buyer or not. If you have purchased a deal from us before, you are already considered a “qualified buyer.”

How can I make an offer on one of your properties?

Please send your offer to along with Proof of Funds. When making an offer, please provide your BEST and FINAL offer. We do not like to put investors in a bidding war. We will collect everyone’s BEST and FINAL offer and decide from there.

Does Gray Line provide free and clear title?

Yes, Gray Line works with designated title companies in each state we operate in. We manage the title process to ensure there is a free and clear title at closing.

Do you sell Multi-family properties?

95% of the properties we offer are single family, but we are always open to opportunities to work with other investors.

Do you joint-venture any deals with other investors?

Typically, the answer is No, but it is situation dependent. The best way to find out is to reach out and ask about the specific property.

What markets do you operate in?

We started off in military markets, but have expanded to non-military as well:

Killen (All of Bell County)(TX), San Antonio(TX), El Paso(TX), Fayetteville(NC), Columbia(SC), Charleston/North Charleston(SC), Columbus(GA), Savannah(GA), Clarksville(TN), Cape Coral(FL) Pensacola(FL)

If I am selected as the Buyer, what can I expect in the process?

If you are selected as the Buyer, we will send you a Buyers Agreement contract for you to sign and return within 24 hours. Once we have the BA signed and returned, we will send all pertinent documentation to the title company. The title company will then reach out to you and provide wiring instructions for the $2,500 EMD. The EMD needs to be wired within 24 hours of receiving instructions. The title company will take over the process from there. Closing will typically take about two weeks from this point.

Do you offer any other services other than off-market deals?

Other than off-market deals, we also have educational opportunities such as the Gray Line Mastermind group. If you need help scaling your business, please check out

All properties are sold for cash or hard money. Buyers responsibility to do your own due diligence and verify all information. Prices are NET to seller with buyer paying all closing costs. Opinions of value / rents are given as a courtesy and no guarantees are expressed or implied. Our properties move fast so contact us quickly if there is a property you want to purchase.

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